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You may be wondering why I have decided to take on the task of starting a blog. Well, my friend and fellow intern Lauren introduced me to her brilliant blog (http://poweredbyoatmeal.wordpress.com/) a few weeks back. It got me thinking…even though my family and friends are nearby, I don’t always get to communicate with them as much as I would like. This will be my way of informing the closest people in my life of the adventures this internship has in store. And since I know you are all already wondering, I will be following the rules and regulations set forth by our friend HIPAA. If I don’t obey, I will need to pay up to $1.5 million for each offense or visit (and reside) in the ever popular Orleans parish prison. And since this said money definitely does not live in my bank account and I like my current bedroom, all information will be under lock and key. Now let’s back track a little bit. You may want to hear how the internship has gone so far….

First day: August 27th. Second day: September 4th. Of course the calendar did not say this when we received it way back when. If you don’t know the reason, you must be living under a rock. It’s always interesting to hear others talk about Katrina stories. Everyone has something different to share, but there is always the same underlying tone of loss and devastation. With Hurricane Isaac, everyone had different stories of grocery store stock ups and the ever dramatic Bob Breck but with an underlying tone of constant sweat, stickiness and misery. After 3 nights of no air conditioning, I packed up some purple and gold clothing and made my way (the long way) to Baton Rouge with some friends Ellen, Andrea and Lauren. Oh and Louie, Lauren’s new rescue pup made the trip to escape the heat as well. We had a great time tailgating and eating some new cuisines. I must brag about my sophisticated palette that now includes tastes of bacon wrapped dove (yes, the bird) and venison backstrap, grilled to perfection.

BBQing some freezer items during the power outage. Who said you couldn’t cook black eyed peas, cabbage and spinach on the grill?

From Left: Me, Andrea, Lauren, Ellen
Bottom: Louie!!

Louie, the official dog of our LSU tailgate, having a great time.

We have since returned home and completed 3 more days of internship orientation. This includes sitting around for most of the time waiting for speakers to show up or being bored to tears listening to reviews about nutrition care process, library catalogs (for the zillionth time), and tasting nutritional supplements. On the plus side, I was delighted with the taste of turkey and brie croissants, fresh fruits and salad at lunch today. Let’s just say I cannot wait to do my rotation at the Lambeth house. You will have to wait until February to hear about that one!

First rotation: Edible School Yard. http://www.esynola.org

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.