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This weekend was definitely one for the books. There are so many things about New Orleans that I love…so many things that make me proud to call it home. I went for a joy ride down to the Crescent City Farmers Market where I picked up some beautiful creole tomatoes and indulged in a coconut popsicle from the best vendor! Good news: the knife sharpener at the market made an appearance this week. He told Lauren and I that he had been away because of a work related injury and surgery. He is back in business every weekend so stop by and get some knives sharpened! And don’t be afraid to bring him the biggest, baddest knife in town. Roger brought him a cleaver. You know, because everyone needs a sharp cleaver for chopping meat at the tailgate. Anyway, fellow interns and friends, Erin and Kate stopped by as well to check things out. Erin also purchased a coconut popsicle and golden delicious apples and Lauren bought the largest zucchini I have ever laid eyes on. Talk about beautiful! I also came across a wonderful array of peppers. If I had known what to do with them, I would have purchased them all. But a picture was good enough at the time.


After the farmers market, I decided to stop at the Rouses on Baronne St downtown. This particular store is unique in a few ways. First, they are the first supermarket to have an aeroponic herb garden on the rooftop. Check out the link to see Randi Rousseau on WDSU visit the garden and try some fresh cuisine from Chef Jack Treuting. Second, they cater to many of the New Orleanians who work downtown who need a quick lunch. With a full line of hot, ready-to-eat meals, a customer may have trouble deciding between hot noodle bowls, fresh artisan sandwiches, in house cooked prime meats and seafood, or other varieties of incredible food items. Third, there is a permanent tailgating stage in the parking lot. Need I say more?

Upon entering, Lauren and I were stopped by a chef cooking up a storm with the smell of fresh citrus surrounding the area. His name was Allison (a true cajun with a true cajun accent) and he became a great friend almost immediately. You are automatically my friend if you offer a sampling of great food and then let me taste every infused vinegar and olive oil in the store. He was sautéing zucchini and squash in orange olive oil with pine nuts, basil salt and orange zest added at the end. He then tossed this with spring mix and Parmesan cheese. Delicious! The oil and vinegar company was CresCendo and boy, did they have some yummy products. I went for the honey balsamic but it was nestled among star forest raspberry balsam, beer balsam, mango balsam and more. The list of vinegars, oils and seasonings went on and on.



We spent a while in the store taking in all the great products they have to offer. I picked up some pork and alligator sausage. With this I made my take on dirty rice to bring to a potluck Andrea, Lauren and Natalie so graciously hosted. I also grabbed some Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale as my drink of choice for the evening. It was great and I can’t wait to try the other flavors Sea Dog has to offer! Our Rouses trip came to a close as Washington University fan club took over. They were hilarious and disgusting at the same time. Never did I think a simple 4 item grocery store trip would turn into a 90 minute, story filled adventure.

The potluck was a success and included dirty rice, pasta salad, vegan caesar salad, garlicky biscuits, black bean hummus, ratatouille, kale and quinoa tart, Mac and cheese and so so so much more. Oh and how could I forget mini pecan pies and brownies for dessert?! I would also like to make note that the desserts were the only items at the potluck that were completely gone at the end of the night. What do you expect from 20 future dietitians? Everything in moderation!

Well my Tulane polo and black slacks are ironed and ready for tomorrow. I don’t have to report until 10:30 so this is the perfect opportunity to get a long run in for the week. Did I mention my next half-marathon is next month? I have some serious work to do. Good thing the weather is cooperating. It was beautiful today and should continue to be for the week.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.