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I figured now was a great time to give you an update on my running. Here are the races I am currently signed up for and a short description. And I mean short because I definitely don’t want to bore you with all this running talk.

Jazz 1/2 marathon – October 27th. This race starts on Poydras Street and features Convention Center Road, St. Charles Avenue, and Audubon Park track. Turn back around and repeat! I am so excited about this race. It supports the cancer program at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. Like any race in New Orleans, fun and drinking will be the main focus and then racing. Something different about this race: it is on a Saturday! And don’t worry, I already checked. LSU isn’t playing the day of the race. Here a picture of the course from last year, but it is the same for this coming year.


The Color Run 5k – November 17th. With a fabulous group of Tulane interns! In fact, our team name is “The Fab 40.” Just for clarification, we are the 40th Tulane intern class. In case you have never heard of the color run, here is a little description. Wear white, get splattered with paint while you run. I am all in!! This will take place at the Lakefront Arena. Unfortunately, this is the same day as the LSU/Ole Miss football game. I have graciously given my ticket to my Mother, who it originally belonged to. And because any dietetic intern would want to know, I looked up the nutrition facts of the paint. It is edible, but calorically dense. Interesting enough! I will be sticking to real food that day. This is what the race will look like.


Woman’s Hospital 1/2 marathon – December 9th. Women only! This race will take me on a great scenic tour of Baton Rouge. I’m extremely excited about this one because I love running in the cooler weather.

Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon – February 24, 2013. The race that started it all. The race I hope to participate in every year. It is just that much fun. Every mile marker is designated with a stage and a band rockin’ out. Hence, rock n roll. Maybe one day I will venture to do the whole marathon, but right now it is placed nicely on the back burner on a low setting. When I finished my half marathon last March, all I could think about was how I was so glad I wasn’t only half way finished. Here I am at the start with great friends from LSU: Amany, Gina and Ashley!


So in case you didn’t know, half marathons are 13.1 miles. And honestly, it’s not that bad. People sign up for these races with the intention to walk the entire time. The race coordinators understand this and allow about 4 hours for walkers to complete the course. You can get plenty of gossip in while walking a race at this length! I prefer to put my ear buds in and go, no looking back.

It may be my pure stubbornness, but when I stop to walk, I feel weak. I don’t go for runs unless I know I can run the entire time. But this also helps with pace control. I must not start out too fast (like many people do), only to end up out of breath soon and walking. Ok enough boring you.

Here’s a picture of my new purchase from Varsity Sports. My Mizuno Wave Inspires are about 6 months old, but it was time to downgrade them to walking shoes. When my knee starting giving me problems again, I knew the shoes were done. I successfully logged over 350 miles on them! Back to Brooks and this time: the Ravenna 3! They are light and comfortable.


Now if you will excuse me, I will be taking these bad boys for a run this morning. I will let you know how they hold up!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.