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A fun-filled weekend has officially come to an end as I sit in bed trying to keep my eyes open…and it’s only 4:30pm.
I started off my Friday night by enjoying an evening with some of the Tulane ladies, and friends Miguel and Chris. Aly hosted a sushi making party. Now you may be thinking this could be a disaster waiting to happen for me…well you are correct. Let’s just say I like too many goodies inside my nori and rice to make a perfectly closed sushi roll. I loaded that puppy up with extra rare salmon, pan seared in seasame oil, avocado, some delicious spicy garlic orange sauce Aly made, julienne cucumber and mango, green onion and sweet potato crunchy crumbs. It was fabulous!! I tried a piece from Aly, Erin and Lauren who all made equally unique combinations of rolls. Aly had even more toppings including gluten free panko, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, basil, sesame seeds and much more. Oh and it wouldn’t be a dietetics party if we didn’t use brown rice!! Aly worked at a sushi restaurant back in Rhode Island while going to school at Johnson & Wales. If you have never heard of it, go look it up. It is a great school that has recently made headlines in New Orleans for starting a culinary medicine program at Tulane. We could really use something like that here! Can’t wait for Aly’s party she throws next…not to say I’m using her for her culinary genius-ness, but maybe.

After I left Aly’s party, I went straight to Baton Rouge for the LSU game on Saturday. It was once again a great time tailgating, only this time we had some extra help getting there. My mom used her keen eyes to spot this beauty on the side of the road in our neighborhood. She picked it up on the way home and it now belongs to us! Now, we did not steal this like most people thought. Finders keepers, losers weepers. It took ONE trip and no heavy lifting to get to the tailgate and things we included on our trip: BBQ pit and stand, beer pong table, tote bag of plates, forks, etc and 3 folding chairs. There is no way Roger and I could have dragged all this and the ice chest in one trip. Unveiling time!

Roger and the perfect tailgating accessory…the grocery cart. Can’t forget the beer either!

I should also note that next game there will be purple and gold bows on the cart. You thought everyone was jealous yesterday? Wait until they see it after I decorate!!

Anyway, while playing some beer pong, I spotted my friend Genevieve out the corner of my eye. She graduated with me in nutrition and I hadn’t see her since May. We were catching up when all of a sudden her friends came over and we were being dragged across the sidewalk to see someone. This someone was Ryan Phillipe! We took a picture with Genevieve’s friends phone and told him hello and carried on our way. After telling people this, I began to notice 1. no one believed me because there is this new rule in the techy world about “picture or it didn’t happen” and 2. no one knew who Ryan Phillipe was. I was telling a bunch of freshman TigerBand trumpet players I took a picture with him. They looked so confused and I told them he was the star in Cruel Intentions. Later I realize they looked at me like I had 3 heads because they were only 5 years old when that movie came out…so shameful. Anyway, I finally received the proof late last night. Here it is!

Not sure what team he was for, but who cares really.

Today, I am cooking up some veggie soup. My Granny gave me her recipe a while back, but you know Grandmothers. They don’t want to write anything down so you have to make sure you hear it correctly and remember it. There was no long story about her recipe. In fact she was probably cranky at the time, nothing unusual , and wanted to hurry me along. Here is what she said. “Add water, tomato paste, vegetables and meat. Let cook for the whole day.”
Well good thing I don’t need a recipe to cook because I surely wasn’t getting one from her. I did as she told me. Cut up vegetables. This time I used zucchini, squash, corn, turnips, red potatoes, red, yellow and green peppers, onion, garlic, celery, carrots, green onion, diced tomatoes, snap beans and cabbage. Water to cover veggies and tomato paste to tint water. I also diced up some roast and threw it in the pot. I let mine cook for hours on low and the house smells so good. Cabbage is last to go in, almost right before you take the pot off the heat so it doesn’t get incredibly soggy. Here is a picture before and after the cabbage!

All the veggies (minus cabbage) getting ready to start cooking.

Maybe not the best picture, but it is the best soup!

Going to the WIC State Office tomorrow morning at 9:30. Definitely bringing some soup for lunch!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.