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As of Thursday at 6pm, I was officially finished my WIC state office rotation. I learned so many things about WIC behind the scenes. On Wednesday, Liz and I visited 2 WIC clinics in the New Orleans area. It was definitely an eye opening experience. I even got my finger pricked and checked my hemoglobin. It was 12.4 which means I’m going to live. Hooray!

Did you know? WIC does not operate on a credit card system like Louisiana Purchase? The mothers must come in every 3 months or so and sit in on nutrition education and pick up ticket vouchers that have certain items listed on them. These are the only grocery items WIC will cover for the week.

Anyway, Thursday Liz and I presented our farmers’ market research PowerPoint and case studies to Sheila and then headed to the crescent city farmers market to hand out WIC market checks to those who came. We had about 7 moms and children in 3 hours. Not as much as Sheila would have like, but it was a Thursday afternoon and not that many vendors out. We gave each mom a little education about how to use the checks and sent them on their way to shop. We even got to pet and play with some pretty boxers!!


After the farmers market, I headed to City Park to meet up with Lauren and Erin for our new tradition: Thursday sprint workouts. Of course I was nervous because Lauren is a freak of nature and runs like she is being attacked by a lion. But it was so much fun. Proof of finishing 4 miles (2 total sprinting). Oh and our awesome shoes that somehow are the perfect match for each other.



On Friday, all the interns met up to tour some places in Elmwood that we rescheduled because of the hurricane. First we visited River Oaks Psych. I don’t know too much about it except there are some STRANGE food fears in this world. The intensive therapy they offer is strict and they do not play around. 1/2 pound weight gain per day is the goal for everyone and if you don’t meet it you are put on probation and you must drink ensure plus until you gain the weight. Not fun. Sorry but no pictures from the psych hospital allowed.

Next we stopped at Elmwood fitness. Oh my goodness. I was there last about 10 years ago and I hardly remember it. I thought the wellness center was a club and resort until I saw the renovated Elmwood. A full caffe and cafeteria, crazy large studios, an upstairs cardio wing, downstairs weight lifting auditorium, and indoor and outdoor pools. Wait, I forgot about the poolside bar and grill. Molly Kimball, local famous dietitian, showed us around and got to know each of us during our time there. I rotate with her the second week in January. New years resolutions will most likely be the topic of the week. I will go with her to the WGNO news segment, help with topics for the news article and write a draft, and much more. I cannot wait! Here are the pictures of the ridiculous Elmwood fitness.



I forgot to mention that before we headed to Elmwood we stopped at Starbucks to indulge in our first skinny pumpkin latte (1/2 the syrup) of the season!! Lauren made friends with the cashier, of course, and we informed him that a sign was grammatically incorrect in the store. We had to take a picture with it because it was so awful. Didn’t know Saturday owned the time 12-1!!


Thanks Andrea for the picture! Ok back to the tours. We made our last and final stop at Reinhart foodservice. All the sales personnel there are dietitians!! Super awesome. And they are adorable and so nice. Think Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama or Emily from the last bachelorette, only better. Here are some pictures of the warehouse!


Cat litter anyone?!

Freezing our butts off in the fridge…not even the freezer!


Huge buckets of tahini. Nom nom nom!

I am currently working on a post about common nutrition myths. Stay tuned for more. Next week I’m headed to Ochsner Cardiac Rehab. Can’t wait to dip a little into clinical rotations.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More. And Geaux Tigers and Saints!!