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I cannot believe I am blogging about my 4th rotation. Time is flying!

First and foremost I would like everyone to know that I PR’ed this morning in the 10k category and 7.5 mile category. Cut 40 seconds from my 10k time and 1:38 min from my 7.5 mile time. It is directly related to the fall weather and the speed work I’ve been doing with Erin and Lauren! Half marathon in 3 weekends…it’s officially crunch time!

Second, I started my 2 week long hospital foodservice rotation this morning at Ochsner Baptist, formerly Baptist Hospital. This should be interesting because they don’t even make the patient meals on site since they only hold 48 beds. They are delivered from the main campus on Jefferson Highway. What will we be doing you ask? Oh, lots of stuff.

Lulu, our preceptor, and Paul, the food service manager, have a full schedule for us. Today included free breakfast and lunch (and for the next 2 weeks) and looking through objectives while making schedules and plans for us. Basically a nice long mealtime meet and greet.

Some delicious items on the menu today: red beans and rice (duh), southern green beans, steamed carrots and pearl onions, baked chicken and rice, anything you can imagine on the grill line, fresh salads, burgers, wings, pizzas, and my favorite choice/regret of the day: sweet potato casserole. Lets just say it could have been dessert. I took a few bites and left the butter and sugar for the trash can.

My final choices: red beans, green beans, and sweet potatoes. And I had to, I mean really had to splurge on a DDP. And for all who are wondering what this could be…well let me explain. Diet Dr Pepper is the reason I survived my last 2 semesters at LSU. It is the reason I wasn’t a crazy person pulling my hair out with bags under my eyes. Well maybe I had bags under my eyes, but it could have been worse if SAMs didn’t sell a flat of DDP. So today, I indulged and it was delectable.

Liz and I are developing a new recipe to possibly add to the menu, giving a taste test and setting up a bulletin board for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We also input menus into the computer to send to the main campus for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Other items on the agenda: serve on the line one day in the cafe, open and close the cafe a few days, keep tabs on par levels in the nourishment rooms on the floors and so much more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Breakfast at 9:30am sharp tomorrow morning. My favorite meal of the day! Can’t wait to report back what it was and with pictures, of course!!