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This blog has been in the edit section since Tuesday. I have documented each day into one post. Be ready to drool over the keyboard when you see all the yummilicious food I’ve been forced to eat…not that I have a problem with that…

Let’s start with the important things: meals. Scrambled eggs, grits, orange, and coffee for breakfast. Smother pork chop, sautéed spinach, corn on the cob and apple for lunch. Yum yum yum!


Liz and I took inventory in the nourishment rooms on the hospital floors and organized them. They were immaculate. We will be checking inventory everyday for the next 2 weeks in efforts to set a par level and eliminate waste. Proof of the beautiful work!


We also had the opportunity to set up the bulletin board outside the cafe. This month’s theme: Breast Cancer Awareness. I wish we had a few more options with the decor. I feel like we could have made it so much more appealing and catchy but resources were limited and time was also an issue. Here is the finished product !



Breakfast: I asked for 2 slices of bacon. This is what I got. Ms. Dolly sure was generous but hopefully we can get a lesson to our friends in the kitchen about proper serving sizes and why it’s important. And no, I didn’t eat all that bacon. But I did finish my eggs and milk with a bite of biscuit.


Lunch: I am drooling thinking about it. Garlic citrus tilapia, garlic broccoli and dirty rice. I couldn’t finish the dirty rice but I wish my stomach could stretch more.


Today we checked the inventory levels in the nourishment rooms. We have decided to do some investigation. With only 15 or so patients on the floor, it seems impossible for them to consume 20 orange juices, 9 cranberry juices, 21 water bottles (even though there’s a water dispenser), 5 puddings of chocolate and vanilla each, a few apple sauces, jellos, all 3 varieties of milk, and almost 8 of each kind of coke. The patients consumed that on top of 3 generous meals a day that come with snacks and drinks…all of which are the patients choice. There is definitely a miscommunication going on somewhere. Luckily, there is a nurse inservice coming up soon to try and help figure out what is going on. Oh and not to directly blame anyone, but Liz and I took about 45 minutes organizing that fridge yesterday. Today, it was absolutely a mess. Knocked over puddings and fruit cups made for a nice long clean up on the dietetic intern end. Not cool. Clean up your own mess or don’t make one to begin with!

Other things we did today: got in touch with some food pantries to put together resources for the social workers and dietitians to hand out to patients, made recipes for kale chips and pasta salad (which will be sampled Friday and next Wednesday), ate, ate again, input menus for breakfast and lunch tomorrow and made plans for Friday….5AM start time! We are cooking breakfast and serving it in the cafe! I’m really excited but 4AM wake up call is a little earlier than my usual 6AM.

In sports news: This fall I have been playing on a volleyball team at Coconut Beach. It consists of Roger’s cousin Mark, his fiancé, Jess, and friends Nick, Meagan, Morse and obviously me. Oh and our team name is “The Funky Bunch.” We have played 3 games so far and I’m proud to announce we swept our first set tonight! Good teamwork y’all!!


From left: Nick, me, Morse, Mark, Jess, Meagan.

It was a pretty short, quick day at Ochsner Baptist. Liz and I made note of par levels, logged some patient surveys and made a sign for the cafe. Ochsner is trying to have patrons use dinnerware more often than styrofoam. Although the supplier swears it is “earth friendly styrofoam” I definitely don’t believe him. Oxymoron! Here is our beautiful sign!


Can’t forget about breakfast and lunch!
If you couldn’t tell already, I love eggs. No wait. I LOVE eggs. Also on my plate, fail sausage which I ate one bite of, and fail waffles which I ate one of with strawberry preserves.


For lunch I indulged in hoisin glazed pork, summer squash and asparagus. I would say this plate is a dietitians dream. It could be the cover of ChooseMyPlate.org. Half the plate veggies, maybe a little less meat, fruit and dairy. Perfection!


Later I went on a fro-yo trip with Andrea, Natalie, and Lauren to the new Plum Crazy on Magazine Street. I usually go straight for the tart and load it with fruits but this time I mixed it up. Chocolate peanut butter swirl with strawberries and waffle cone bits hit the spot!


I didn’t think I was going to make it through. 5AM is way too early to be looking at raw pork chops and bacon. But alas, Liz and I worked the cafe line for breakfast and lunch and managed to come out in one piece. It was pretty rough…huge props to cooks and tray line workers. How do they deal with rude people in this world?! Clearly I don’t work there, so it’s not necessary to roll your eyes and be rude at me when I accidentally give you mustard greens instead of succotash. Still trying to figure out why that was such a life or death situation….

I guess it was because fried fish day makes everyone anxious and excited. They come in troops of 25 to order fish and hush puppies, gumbo, potato salad, mustard greens, and praline bread pudding. Not that I blame them for wanting the meal…it is in fact scrumptious! I could have gone for a few more thank yous and general manners. It’s amazing what people think they can get away with nowadays. Well here’s a picture serving some customers!


And I was so proud of Liz! Stepping up in there and cooking pork chops. She is a vegetarian so I was so excited that she wasn’t afraid to touch!


Anyway, we got to leave after lunch and I met up with Lauren at Starbucks to get some work done. It was successful, so much so that I finished my foodservice study guide.

I even got to see Pitch Perfect tonight! It’s the new movie out that was filmed on LSU campus. I knew just about every location of the scenes…pretty neat. And the movie was hysterical!

Plans for the weekend include: long run (no less than 10 miles) and LSU game watching at The Irish House uptown!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More. And Geaux Tigers and Saints!