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You may be wondering why I am writing a blog post on Thursday morning at 11am about completing my rotation. I shall tell you why. We are finished! And that exclamation point says a lot.

It says thank goodness because I couldn’t handle another day (especially a Friday). It says the rotation was so pointless that I could cry about all the time I wasted driving to Gramercy and Vacherie to measure the heights and weights of children. It says I spent about 15 hours there this week, 6 of which were driving hours.

I didn’t want any of my blog posts to be negative about a rotation because I am so thankful to have an internship and be at Tulane. BUT this made my blood boil. Yes we did grocery store tours and calculated BMI, all of which a dietitian may be asked to do. No we didn’t assess the children afterwards or observe lunch or interact in the schools or even learn what Head Start is all about (goals, mission, purpose etc), all of which I would have loved to do.

Yesterday, instead of being tortured, the interns headed to Pennington Biomedical Research Center for a conference on Childhood Obesity. Louisiana needs to get their act together. We are too fat in this state..especially the children. Here is our report card on physical activity and health.


Not good. And it hasn’t changed in 5 years. Blue Cross Blue Shield has done an amazing job of partnering with 12 foundations throughout the state with multi million dollar funding for 2-3 year long projects to get Louisiana to raise those scores.

Here are the interns at lunch. Shout out to my community and capstone professor Dr. Tuuri, or Kitty from That 70’s Show look-a-like, for taking this picture!


They provided Jason’s Deli. By the way, the vegetarian wrap came with blue cornmeal chips and salsa and a fruit salad. The turkey club came with Lay’s potato chips and a huge chocolate chip cookie. Am I the only one that sees something weird about this? I went for the turkey and when I saw Lay’s, I closed the box and went right for the veggie wrap. It was a better choice on my part except it could have used some cheese or juice factor. I opted to dip it in the salsa. It held me over until Roger took me to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for an early pre-volleyball game dinner.

Since we are such loyal customers, our stamp card was filled and we were eligible for a free taco plate. This includes 2 tacos and 2 sides. We went with fish and shrimp tacos, refried beans, and roasted potatoes. Roger copied me and got a fish and a shrimp taco too. Chips and salsa were added, of course. Great meal!



Tomorrow I am off to the chiropractor for my pre-race back and knee adjustment. After I plan to go with Lauren to Rouses (the awesome one on Baronne!!!) for race packet pick up and a trip to SAMs will follow. Can’t wait for samples!!

Next week I am headed to St. Bernard Council on Aging for a one week rotation. We have already been informed we will be working on the steam line and delivering meals with Meals on Wheels. And Wednesday, aka Halloween, the interns are headed to the One Shell Square Health Fair. Miriam and I are on food safety booth duty. Pictures of costumes for this event will be posted! Update to come!

Until next time. Eat Smart and Move More.