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I apologize to my regular readers. I have not been able to update on the weekend events or my first day at the St. Bernard Council on Aging. So here it is.

First of all, the half marathon is going to be a post on its own. Lets just say it was that epic. I’ll hopefully get to that Thursday.

Second, I have been pretty busy preparing for the Shell Health Fair tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Pictures and update to come on that!

Yesterday was the first day of our one week rotation at St. Bernard Council on Aging. Carol, our preceptor, is very sweet! She told us the participants are 60+ years old and do not need a certain income to enjoy the offerings. I am totally remembering this when I get older.

Hot lunch every week day and bingo afterwards!!! Yes please.

This place reminded me of a bingo hall, except super new and fancy. The kitchen staff was soooooooooo nice and welcomed us with wide open arms. We sliced smoked sausage for the butter beans and ran dishes through the dish washer. And it was actually fun. Rebecca, Liz and I served lunch on the steam line to almost 160 people. They were very excited to see fresh new faces!

Menu on Monday: butter beans with smoked sausage, beet and onion salad, buttery biscuits, and cherry cobbler. It looked a little something like this.


Today, Tuesday, we are off the to jail. Get this! The jail makes all the home delivered meals (Meals on Wheels). And in the words of Carol, ” don’t dress up, we are going to the jail tomorrow.”

Thursday and Friday we get to help deliver the meals and play food bingo, which I am in charge of making. Can’t wait!

My next post will contain pictures from the grocery tour from St. James head start and Shell Health Fair. Stay tuned!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.