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Tuesday: We didn’t make it to the jail because of a surprise health and safety inspection. Instead we served Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, peas and salad on the steam line. One lady came through the line and told us we looked so familiar and she couldn’t remember where she knew us from…In all seriousness. All 3 of us were cracking up when she left because we had just spent the last 2 hours with her in the computer room where she talked to us and played her online games. We gathered information and formulated an inservice for the kitchen employees and we also created an education session and game for the participants. This will happen Thursday and Friday.


Wednesday: Shell Health Fair. Mariam and I had the pleasure of working the most popular booth…food safety! And I’m not fooling you. We had a crowd the entire time. And I know exactly why! Word got out that we were giving away tshirts, socks and camo hats if you scored an 8,9, or 10/10 on our “What Was It?” Quiz. Participants had to guess what the rotten moldy food used to be. And they complained the entire time how hard it was! Our prizes stretched the entire 2.5 hours. And since it was Halloween, I had to dress up. And since I am a dietetic intern, I had to dress appropriately.



Other interns were in charge of booths such as refreshments, vegetarianism, diabetes, pumpkin carving, sustainability, sugar content, and coloring contest for the children of the Shell workers. Here are a plethora of pictures from the day!











After this ridiculously long day (did I mention she made us show up at 7AM for pretty much no reason?!), Mariam, Erin L., Lauren and I peaced out to Happy’s Irish Pub down the block for a well deserved adult beverage. Nola blonde it was!


While chit chatting, we decided it was the perfect time to drown ourselves in the best restaurant/outdoor eatery in the city: Dat Dog. This place is a must if you are in the area. And even if you aren’t, you must drive to go. What was the first thing I saw when we walked in? Oh, I’m so glad you asked!


Happy Halloween to us! Our bartender friend gave me a sample. It was interesting to say the least but I would definitely drink a Bloody Mary with some of that! He made me a sample of breakfast in a cup: orange juice with bacon vodka. It wasn’t for me but I can see exactly what he means by “liquid breakfast.”

Side note: he told me that a shot of Jameson and a shot of butterscotch schnapps makes the most delicious tasting buttered pancake. I know when Roger reads that, he will be going to the grocery immediately for the schnapps.

Anyway, back to Dat Dog. I ordered the turducken sausage. And since the number of topping was obnoxious, I decided to go with the Chef’s Special. He tops your dog with whatever he sees fit.

I am still, 3 days later, thinking about that dog and how sad I was that it is gone. The chef topped mine with house made blackberry glaze, Asian slaw and yellow mustard. It was incredible. The homemade buns just made it even more amazing.


Lauren and Erin got the alligator dog while Mariam opted for the crawfish dog with crawfish étouffée on top. We did tradesies and took a bite of each others. And they were all around delicious.

Didn’t think it could get much better? Well you are wrong. We spotted this lady. You may be thinking that she was wearing this because it was Halloween. No. She wears this hot dog hat every day.


Later on, I headed to our last volleyball game of the season. It was a real bummer when the opponents didn’t even show up! We hit the ball around with another team for a while to show off our costumes. Then we headed back to Mark and Jessica’s for the continuation of the party last Saturday!


Thursday: Liz, Rebecca and I did an inservice back at the Council on Aging about food thawing, cooking and proper temperature handling. Rebecca went off to help deliver meals with Meals on Wheels while Liz and I stayed back to help with lunch. On the menu: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, sweet potatoes and vanilla ice cream.


I worked a little bit on a surprise for the LSU football game. I cannot wait to take pictures at the game to show you. But you must wait!

Friday: we prepared a nutritional education and activity on proper breakfast for the participants. We asked them what they ate for breakfast. This was a mistake. All of them answered at once like a 3rd grade class and no one wanted to hear what anyone had to say. They definitely weren’t afraid to show us the 3 dozen Nonna Randazzo cake donuts sitting on the table. And then offer us one. Which I totally would have downed had we not been lecturing them on eating less sugar for breakfast. It was great. They were not happy about serving sizes either when we pulled out the food models. We made an activities where they had to circle the more nutritious breakfast option. The answers were quite obvious but they decided not to listen and just choose the option they preferred. So needless to say, the scores were awful when assessing how well they gathered the info we presented. Obviously they don’t think donuts and chocolate are healthier than whole grain cereal, but they would sure pick the donuts and not be ashamed. Priceless!

. On the menu: shrimp creole, fried okra, French bread, banana pudding. Because my mother overloaded me with shrimp creole when I was younger, I still cannot stomach it correctly. So today I opted for chobani and dark chocolate on the road while delivering meals. Then indulged in honey creole mustard chicken and roasted brussel sprouts when I got home.

Back to delivering meals….it was crazy. The recipients range from extremely low income to high income but are all eligible if mobility is limited. I was scared for my life at some houses. Not because of the people inside, but the neighborhood surrounding the house. Poor Liz had the even worse route. On the plus side, a Meals on Wheels recipient gave me a grocery bags FULL of his satsumas. His tree was so full he couldn’t keep up. I wanted to peel satsumas over a conservation but we had other meals to deliver. Some of these people see your face and only your face the entire day. So naturally they want to tell you their life story. I felt bad for so many of them.

Well it’s about that time that I start pre gaming. I’m making chili tonight (recipe to follow) and waking up SUPER early for ESPN College Gameday!! It is going to be a great weekend.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More. And Geaux Tigers and Saints (on Monday!)