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Even though LSU didn’t pull out a W for the polls, we definitely won this game in my eyes. It was the best execution we have had so far this season and the best any team has done to stop Bama on so many drives. But enough about the game, lets get to the juicy part.

We started drinking at 8:30AM which makes for an extremely long drinking day. We started with 48 beers…we left with none.

We watched ESPN game day for a little while, then we headed over to see the Bat Mobiles. Oh yes, that’s right. The real bat mobiles. One of the treads on the mobile was the batman symbol. So legit. These pictures are from Friday evening in case you are wondering why 284,640,383 people aren’t in the background.



Next we headed to see Tigerband marching from somewhere to somewhere else. Now that I think about it, I can’t recall why they were marching through the parade grounds. I don’t remember this happening for any game before this. Anyway, it has become a tradition to scream at the tubas. And I know Roger’s bestie, Eric, just loves it. You see, Roger and Eric went to grammar school, high school, and college together. They are now starting big boys jobs at Kongsberg Martime together in January. Since Kongsberg is a Norwegian company, they must be Vikings. Right? So Roger and Eric now naturally having Viking power and will be working with Viking technology.

So just for fun we scream Viking power at the tubas. They have now adopted this saying and bother the hell out of Eric with it.

After cracking some smiles on the tubas, we headed back to the tailgate. And here are the incredibly large amount of photos I have gathered to piece the day back together.

The LSU grocery cart.
















Some screen shots of Roger squatting me. Blurry but you get the point. Not sure what I was thinking…or if I was thinking at all.



If I could upload the video of Roger squatting me I would. I also have a video of my dad and Mr. Don rocking it to Gangham Style…their signature song.

Back to Roger squatting me. Good thing he got to do a little leg strengthening at the tailgate because as of Saturday he is no longer allowed…or until his foot heals. On the way to the stadium, he decided it would be a great idea to jump over the orange flexible gating stuff. Down went the gate and Roger. And now I have to give him credit.

He walked to the stadium to EMS where they bandaged it up and he proceeded to walk all the way up the student section and stand the entire game. And since it took 3 hours to get back to the condo, the hospital was not an option that night. Here comes 8am soon after and we are in the emergency room. Official ruling: broken.




It was a great weekend besides some hiccups and even those will make for a great story in a few weeks! Now I will leave you with a picture of my Dat Dog. Veggie chipotle dog with hummus, onions and tomatoes. I went for the vegetarian option but more because I wanted to try the flavor. It was delicious!