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I know that I haven’t even made a post about the beginning of my rotation, but it was just that quick. We went for a total of 6 hours yesterday and are off until next Monday. Hooray!

This week I was with fellow intern Sarah. Liz went back to Illinois for 2 weeks for her specialty rotations. Sarah and I sat around from 10AM-Noon waiting for our preceptor to finish in a meeting that was apparently top secret because we were told to sit in a conference room for the time being.
We talked about almost everything you can think of and accomplished nothing in that time. The work she handed us after could have easily been finished in the time she was in this meeting. I felt like a volunteer but sucked it up because I only had to be there 1 day…thank goodness.

Through this internship so far I have come to realize there is not one bone in me that would want to work in community. Although I am open to any job I can get in June, I would like to steer clear of this area. In my eyes it is a lot more waiting around and dilly dallying and a lot less actual tasks and putting skills to use that I learned in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

We were given the ever boring and mundane task of cutting of food models. This took a good 45 minutes. After we actually did something a little more fun. We made a poster board game to pair with a milk education lesson for youth.


The nutrients and food items are velcro-ed for a match game for children.

So after all this, it is finally Thanksgiving/food eating time. As Hoda said this morning, “Only 2 more wake ups until Turkey Day!” I am making my Yukoslavian Blackberry Shortbread Cookies tomorrow and I will definitely be posting the end product. Stay tuned!
Thanksgiving night I am off with my mom, aunts, and cousin for the annual girls trip to Memphis for shopping. I cannot wait…it will be an experience as usual. Never seems to have a dull moment with them.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.