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This week I’m rotating at Second Harvesters Food Bank. I seriously thought, like most of my community rotations, that I would be just another volunteer doing silly things like sorting non perishables on the conveyor belt.

Not this time! The food bank actually has an incredible new fancy demonstration kitchen and a production area where almost 1,000 meals are prepared daily for low income children. On the menu today: baked tilapia, wild rice medley, steamed carrots, whole wheat roll, apple slices and milk. Believe it or not, this is one of the favorite meals!

Today, Rebecca and I made a lesson plan for the sites where meals are served. The Board of Education, located in Baton Rouge, requires that nutritional education be provided once a month in order to get reimbursement money for the meals. MyPlate was the topic for this particular one.

Next we served (once again) on the steam line to help plate food. This time I really didn’t mind because even the manager was getting his hands dirty. I didn’t feel like another volunteer because they truly needed help today.

Speaking of volunteers…I saw my Aunt Tessie there today. It is her Monday and Tuesday morning routine to help cook the food. Such a great cause to help!

Tomorrow Rebecca and I are teaching a Cooking Matters class on lean protein and low fat choices. There will be a chef cooking tilapia and butternut squash. We will finish the class with nutrition and food safety. Thursday we are going on a grocery store tour of Rouses. Can’t wait for this. I know it will be better than the one I went to at Head Start.

Friday I plan for a long run because my next half marathon is in 2 Sundays. Ah! Time is flying. Didn’t I just finish my last one? I take my first practice RD exam afterwards and then I’m on a plane to Houston for some retail therapy!

I will leave you with this picture. Look how productive I am being! Hopefully the motivation will continue. Our Christmas tree is being delivered next Monday so these presents will soon have a proper home!


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.