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Hello all!

I’m at the WIC Clinic this week. And since I was taught not to say anything unless I have something nice to say, we will be moving right along to the next subject.

I got to spend this weekend in Houston! My Dad has a company party for clients and families at the ever popular Dave and Busters. Lets back track.

I’m terrified of flying. A nervous obnoxious wreck of a human in airplanes. This was the first time I would be flying alone. My parents left early that day and I took the 5:30 flight. It just so happened that Lauren (www.poweredbyoatmeal.wordpress.com) had a 5:45 flight so we went together to the airport. First stop: the bar where I calmed my nerves. I ran 7.5 miles Friday morning and hardly had anything to eat so the beers went straight through me. This was a good thing because I didn’t want a worry in the world while in the air.


Public service announcement: do not send your dog through the conveyor belt scanner at security. I witnessed a woman doing this. I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to snap a pic! People these days…

The flight was a success…I have found my emotional nervous triggers: sitting behind or on the wing and no beer in my stomach.

Things I found in SkyMall I need immediately.


Shortly after landing we made our way to the party. My mom and I had the best time playing games. We all agreed that we would never spend money to play these games but since the company was paying…of course we were gonna use up every last token!! We won so many tickets, it was definitely obnoxious. But we didn’t even have half the tickets some people collected. Total: 7,101. Just enough to shop in the trinket store!

Playing Johnny Appleseed.
100 tickets…we seriously thought we won the lottery with that amount…we didn’t realize that was actually child’s play.
Hit the jackpot…still child’s play.20121203-191244.jpg
Went a little crazy on the coin tossing game!20121203-191424.jpg
My new prizes from the tickets! 20121203-191509.jpg

Other things from our trip!

Swans, Pa and Gram, in their habitat at the hotel.20121203-191710.jpg
Mexican yumminess. 20121203-191738.jpg


The Galleria.

I spy Santa!!

My second home and Louis’s birthplace!

Louis on the airplane making me feel less nervous.


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.