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Sorry for the delay…it was a busy busy busy weekend.

When I last updated you on WIC it was after a slightly horrendous Monday. The patients on this particular day were being rude and impatient. One particular grandparent (I am convinced) didn’t even know her grandsons name because all she called him was “Fat boy.” Just for the record he was average weight and height. Nothing that strikes me as overweight by any means. Not only did she call him this, she was rude to the other 2 grandsons and the newborn granddaughter was apparently getting on her nerves and she rudely told me to get out of my seat so she (the grandparent) could calm down.

After all that nonsense I was hesitant to put forth effort the rest of the week. But Tuesday went much better. I counseled a gestational diabetes patient who was pretty receptive (or acted like it). Liz and I tested each others hemoglobin too. Last time I got it checked at the WIC state office it was 12.4. Well last week it was 11.2. I knew it went down…I could tell my body was off. So now I have been eating my lean meats and spinach with almost every dinner. I’m trying to avoid a supplement because why do you need one if you can just tweak your diet?!

Wednesday is class day. As part of the certification process to receive WIC, it is a federal requirement the mom or proxy attend a nutrition class before receiving WIC vouchers. This week was whole grains. Liz and I swapped off teaching the class and billing those on Medicaid for the services we provided. Did you know that if grits were a whole grain it would be corn kernels???


Thursday we got to go on a joy ride with our preceptor, Roxanne. We went to Club Grocery. There was no way for me to slyly take a picture of this hilarious “building” without all the drinkers and smokers out front seeing me. We had to take inventory of certain WIC approved items to make sure he had par levels. Of course he didn’t and when I counted the Cream of Wheat, on the top shelf, it was completely dusty and expired in August. I told the manager and he insisted they just received the product last week and the vendor sent him expired/dusty boxes….so not likely…

Roxanne was a great preceptor. We bombed so many questions at her and she did likewise to us. Thank you LSU and Brandi, my awesome MNT lab teacher, for drilling pediatric calories in my head. It was extremely helpful when Roxanne couldn’t remember that 108 kcal/kg/day is needed after infancy.

This week I’m in Slidell at Trinity Rehab for long term care. I will be posting information about that and the Woman’s Hospital Half Marathon I ran yesterday. Just a little preview…I came in 5th in my age group!!!


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.