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This week I am traveling 45 min to the far far away city of Slidell. Trinity Rehab is actually part neurological rehab, part nursing home. Their mission is to take the sickest of the sick and the patients no one else wants.

Yesterday and today consisted of charting ALL DAY LONG. No lunch, no time for breaks…only charts and visiting patients. This afternoon I spent 4 hours on care plans with the MDS coordinator, respiratory therapist, social worker, activities coordinator and physician. We met some family members in person and others we called on the speaker phone. Many patients here are on the vent but vent weaning is a speciality. In fact, one of my patients just weaned off the trach vent last week and is on tentative discharge for next week sometime if albumin and weight are WNL by then.

And now the exciting part!!! This place has a hyperbaric chamber. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. So amazing…and expensive. I may get to see a patient participate but they must pay out of pocket so the use of the machine is limited.

The week ahead is promising with more charting and assessments on patients. I love talking and asking the patients how they are doing. All they wanna do is have social time and its fun to hear more information than you could ever imagine. And they LOVE complaining about the food so all you can do sometimes is wait until they are done and then offer them another choice.

In other news we have finished decorating our fluffy tree!