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This last Sunday I participated in my 3rd and final half marathon in this calendar year. Being that this race was scheduled for December, I assumed that it would be the perfect temperature and condition for a road race.


It was 70 degrees, 100% humidity by 6:30am and increasing by the minute. That is not normal. Research has shown the perfect running temp to be around 55. Not even close.

The race was miserable the entire time…an absolute disaster on my part BUT at the same time, it was semi fun and I finished.

Not only did I finish but I was in the top 9% and 5th in my age group (21-24)!! Unfortunately the nasty weather and extremely incliney route was everyone’s Achilles heel because my time at the Jazz Half beat the #1 in my age group by 8 minutes. I could have won a wine glass!!

Although the top 7 of us were right behind the other, it was disappointing to see the top 3 be taken just because I couldn’t move my little feet a little faster at any point on the route.

I definitely ran slower for this race but not by much. I started the race at goal pace and slowed it down big time come the 9th mile when I had to run up a bridge. I almost died when I turned the corner and saw that stupid thing. After the bridge came hills. Did you know there are hills in Baton Rouge? I didn’t. But now I do. They are evil. Don’t be fooled because you are in the south. They are mountains by mile 11 and 12.

I finished the race and immediately ate an entire bagel the fastest I have ever eaten something in my life. It was so satisfying and I was ready to continue on with the day.

Here are the pictures of me before, during (dying even at mile 3), and celebrating after. Warning …the photographers on the sides of the road took SOO many pictures.

Pre race dinner!



“Are you done taking pics yet?!”


About to start!


And we are off!



Roger caught me at mile 3!



Mile 11!


Finishing the most miserably muggy race on the planet!







Next race: Rock N Roll half marathon February 24th!

My medal collection from this year.


Added the half Pandora charm to my bracelet.