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This week I find myself at another HIV clinic in town. It has been going by quickly but I must mention 1 thing: my preceptor types with her pointer fingers…not one other finger touches the keyboard. This drives me insane and I get anxiety watching her.

Side note about today: when calculating calories needs I drew a blank. This is second nature to any dietitian but for this patient I found myself asking, “Do I calculate for a male or female?” You may be asking yourself why I am so ridiculous…male or female..not much to it…but really! Do you calculate male or female on a transgender patient?! Why don’t they teach this in MNT???

Answer: if patient has been on opposite gender hormone therapy for over 1 year, the gender associated with the hormones is used. Who knew?!

Officially less than 1 week until Christmas!! Merry Christmas from Santa Paws! Everyone was traumatized in the making of this photo.


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.