Sorry for the 2.5 week hiatus. It was well deserved and needed after 4 months of this internship. Here are some things that have happened since before Christmas.

The girls at Roger’s graduation party. Great night!


Christmas gift from Aly, fellow intern. Made by her extremely talented sister. It was fate that I randomly picked the bag with avocado earrings. Everyone got something different and they were all individually adorable.


Went to see the Nutcracker at Tulane’s Dixon Hall…family tradition for 20 years now. With Roger and Erin, my wonderful cousin. Thanks for the dress Lauren!


Roger and I took a trip downtown to see the Roosevelt. This is a replica of Storyland in City Park. So. Awesome.


Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Roger won honorable mention in the contest. Woop! Go Christmas dogs!


Reveillon dinner at The Pelican Club in the French Quarter. I didn’t snap pictures of my seared black drum, my Mom’s rack of lamb, my Dad’s lobster, or Roger’s duck 3 ways because we ate them so quickly. One of the top reveillons we have been to! Pictured here are my chargrilled oysters and Rogers’s quail. These are appetizers. I’m not kidding. We finished off the meal with banana and Grand Marnier creme brûlée…yum yum yummy.


Reveillon comes from the French word meaning “awakening.” Early New Orleans was almost entirely filled with Catholics, who would attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After coming home famished from the mass, the families would gather for a feast that was prepared and just needed heating. An early reveillon menu typically included egg dishes, breads and puddings, but could also include turtle soup, oysters and grillades of veal. And of course, the Creoles accompanied these rich delicacies with wines and spirits. Each year in the month of December, restaurants around the city have a fixed menu with 3-5 courses to celebrate the season.

Christmas Eve at the Southern Yacht Club with Roger’s family.



It was a bit blustery out on our way to Atlanta for the LSU bowl game. Good thing we had a plush blanket to keep warm!


Zach and Ali, great friends, traveled with Roger and I to Atlanta to witness the game I will not mention anymore. We did have a great time: Coca Cola museum, awesome BBQ at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Buckhead, free beer at TacoMac from a fellow TigerBand alum, and breakfast at the cutest diner ever!

We stopped at Auburn on the way to stay with Zach’s friend, Will. Here are the house doggies, Bo (totally spelled wrong) and I forget the Chihuahua’s name but it had a blanket for every season of the year…and they each had a name (hoho for Christmas, bobo for baseball season, seersucker for summer). It was all around hilarious and strange.

Beautiful tree in Centennial Olympic Park

BBQ feast. Best greens I’ve ever had.


We stayed at the Omni in the CNN Center. Didn’t see Anderson Cooper but his spirit was there…I could feel it.


Game souvenirs. Stuffed cows parachuting in the stadium. Weird, I know.

Eggs over extra easy with delicious hash browns at the Landmark Diner in downtown Atlanta.

Roger’s egg Benedict


As far as this internship thing goes…I’m rotating with Molly Kimball, local celebrity dietitian, next week. I’ve already received word that I will be giving the Get Fit in the New Year lecture to Elmwood members. I’ve been working hard on the presentation..I hope the participants don’t drill me with questions!

Then for 5 weeks I’m at East Jefferson Hospital for my clinical rotations…yay!

In the meantime, I’m still running (next half February 24th) and weight training like a crazy person with Roger. I am also attending physical therapy for my misaligned hip and cracking and popping groin…it is as weird feeling as it sounds. #runnerproblems

Until next time. Eat Smart and Move More. AND STICK TO YOUR RESOLUTION! Don’t give up!