Although the name of my rotation contains many different tasks, I have been doing just a few things so far. Actually this rotation started last Thursday (still my vacation) for me. Molly Kimball contacted me about starting on the WGNO nutrition segment called Love it, Like it, Hate it. This week we are doing fast food French fries. We are also doing a segment on “3 Kitchen Tools that Make Healthy Eating a Breeze.” Stay tuned for the video link.

Since I have been hard at work during my vacation, I got to relax a little yesterday (Monday) and today. I got my nails done and I went to PT (see below!). The brunt of this rotation comes Wednesday morning when we report to WGNO set at 6am for the news segment. Then I head straight to Elmwood to give the lecture “Get Fit in the New Year.” I have been making this presentation since before the New Year. I’m really exciting about using what I’ve learned and researched and giving my own presentation from scratch to the older generation Elmwood members. Then after the speech I head straight to 3 different Popeye’s in the city to order 3 Wicked Chickens from each location.

Molly has heard there was confusion over the nutrition facts on the Popeye’s website. So, I am bringing the chicken to a food lab on Causeway to have the menu item analyzed. I cannot wait to tell you about that! This information will be used in Molly’s Times Picayune article next week.

I am also going to Elmwood sometime this week to help in the lab and witness the most awesome machine (aside from hyperbaric chamber). VO2 max is the capacity at which the body can carry oxygen during exercise and spitting out a fitness level of the person. Can’t wait to see it! More on that to come.

I just want to take this time to tell everyone about my love for physical therapy. My entire left side (from my tail bone to my ankle) had knots throughout the muscle that runs through said area. Taryn, my amazing PT, kneaded the hell out of my calf, thigh, ankle, tail bone, and buttocks. She realigned my hips and we strengthened the unknotted muscle to keep it that way. It was the most incredible feeling not to have an urge to crack my knee or groin. I am going 2-3x/week and it is worth every second.

Because I was resisting the plead from Lauren to go, I must admit my pride hurt to say she was right. But it is the truth…do not keep hurting yourself because you don’t think pain or tenderness or uncomfortableness is a big deal. Although I was just ignoring my uncomfortable feeling in my knee, the rule applies to everything. Do not just buy a band or muscle relaxer because you think it will help. Do not home remedy your problem. Go see a PT! What I thought was my knee was actually my hip. I would have never thought this would be true but the knee is just a pathway between the hip and ankle, making it an area where most feel pain and most put the blame. It’s worth the slightly outrageous price…even with insurance.

And now some cooking: I made lentil sloppy joes last night. Dinner success! This was the perfect meal for a boost in my iron consumption: lentils and ground meat. Carrots, bell pepper, onion, garlic and Greek seasoning rounded off the flavors as well as a few squirts of ketchup.

Adapted from Food Network. Changes: double the vegetables (I cut up what I wanted…triple the garlic), a little more ketchup, green lentils instead of brown, canola oil instead of vegetable oil, drained the ground meat, Greek seasoning instead of oregano.



Tonight I am channeling my inner Buddha and feeding my oriental craving. Sesame chicken stir fry…I’ve got some bok choy, snow peas and peppers to mix in there. Pictures to follow.

And I will leave you with this picture. Dessert from le Crepe Nanou. Roger and I go every Christmas time to feast. We ate apple, walnut blue cheese salad, French onion soup, steamed mussels, lump crabmeat crepe and this delectable dessert…banana and strawberry chocolate crepe.


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.