Medical nutrition therapy – a therapeutic approach to treating or preventing diagnoses with a specifically tailored diet that is monitored and evaluated.

MNT as dietitians like to call it, is the clinical approach to mastering this field of work. I am at EAst Jefferson Hospital for the next 5 weeks practicing MNT. So far, so good.

Monday was introduction…and a very quick one at that. I had my patients waiting for me by 9am. 6 East Med Surg, Rehab and CCU are the units I will be rotating through this week. I have spent most of my time on 6 East and it has been pretty pleasant. Patients are typically alert and ready to talk. And seriously…they will talk. I have absolutely no problem with this. In fact, I talked to one patient for a good 15 minutes because she just seemed lonely. Charting is easy enough and recommendations are always passed through the doctor for approval.

I must say I feel so official in my lab coat with all my fun reference manuals, note pads, pens, ID, and calculator.

My preceptor Sandy, fellow wellness center member, is great. She gives me patients and sends me on my way while she works on the other half of them.

Like I predicted, I’m having a great time. The next 4 weeks will be through different units.

How do you know it’s carnival time? When there are multiple king cakes in the house at once. Yummmmm


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.