I’m in my second week at EJ and I’m still having a great time! This week I’m on the SNF (pronounced Sniff) unit. This stands for Skilled Nursing Floor. Many of these patients do not have a true nutritional risk, but we must assess every patient that gets admitted to the floor.

I got to leave a little early today for my physical therapy appointment. Yesterday, I stepped over the dog gate at Roger’s and I immediately knew I cramped up my glute muscles…the ones I’ve been working so hard to strengthen and unwind. As a result, I was dry needled.

Dry needling is a way of releasing cramped muscle(s) by sticking needles into the trigger points. They are not hollow and somewhat resemble acupuncture needles..they are called solid filiforms needles. I was freaking out. Not only do I not like needles, but Taryn, my PT, explained the trigger points were exactly where it was aching. I was helpless lying on my stomach as she chartered into awkward territory.

Each needle was inserted right into the muscle and moved around until a local twitch response was felt. Weirdest feeling ever. Think about an eye twitch to the 20th degree with a poking and pressure like feeling inside the skin…and in the glutes and outer thigh. My entire leg twitched with each flick of the needle. This went on until 6 twitches were finished.

After the needle torture was through, she used Asytm to finish off the upper and lower thigh muscles. This is my second time experiencing this type of torture. Proof of battle wounds:


Taryn takes a glass bulb and massages my entire thigh after spreading cocoa butter everywhere. And don’t interpret this for something relaxing. It is so painful. Then she takes a flat piece and scrapes around my knee.

I couldn’t even feel my thigh afterwards because my glutes were so sore from the dry needling. She told me by Wednesday I will feel back to normal. I sure hope so because right now I can’t explain the feeling in my leg and glute. Thursday, I’m getting on the treadmill to work on running technique and posture. Hoping to hit the pavement Friday morning!!

Don’t get me wrong…I love my PT. I may be almost obsessed with going to see what she will do next to me, but its no walk in the park.

Besides the torture, we use TRX (look it up…sooooo cool!), resistance bands, stabilizer poles and medicine balls to strength train during the appointment. I’m off to care for my aching (it’s a good ache feeling) limbs and muscles.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.