I’ve completed my first 2 weeks in MNT… and 3 more to go!

I saw a lady with a BMI of 53 this week. In case you are wondering, BMI is just a calculation that spits out a number, factoring in height and weight. She was a BMI of 57 in December but I’m sure this was fluid loss since the laundry list of diagnoses included renal, CHF, gout and other fluid retention disease states. Anyway, she was just over 5 feet and 340 lbs. This is not okay. She was significantly younger than most grandparents and already in an assisted nursing home. She was ordered a diabetic 2000 kcal diet but when I saw her, I knew a protein supplement was needed as well….seeing that her albumin was 1.6. Albumin is just a protein status marker telling us if the body is obtaining, absorbing and utilizing an appropriate amount of protein. And she had multiple stage II pressure ulcers, most likely because she cannot bare weight to walk so all she does is stay in bed.

If a patient has low albumin or other altered labs, you will mainly see them drinking ensure or glucerna….at 200-250 calories a bottle. This obviously was not an option for this lady. So I provided 2 packs of Juven at 70 calories each to be mixed in water. This provides 14 grams of protein (arginine and glutamine amino acids). Hopefully this will boost her protein intake and make some of her labs stabilize.

In other more refreshing, positive news…I’m a runner again!! Well almost….Taryn WAS going to video tape me running and work on technique last Thursday, but my body decided to revolt and the bruising from Astym only got worse throughout the week. She didn’t want me running with bruises running down my thigh. Monday it is!

After dry needling, the pain was so intense the entire night. I woke up the next morning….gone! I am officially an advocate for dry needling and would suggest it for anyone eligible. It is worth the most uncomfortable, tender feeling to be free the next day. Did you know? It can help with muscle cramping from plenty of conditions, including the most interesting: plantar fasciitis. Taryn told me she sticks the needles in the top of the leg (tibia area) to relieve pain in the foot. Interesting to note!

I will leave you with a picture of my worsening bruises.


I’m off to MS with my mom and aunts to see Anjelah Johnson (most famously known as Bon Qui Qui) in her stand up show!