I finished my first 2 days at Ochsner peds. It was pretty uneventful seeing that the census is crazy low and the children we did see were not extra exciting.  I did however get to see and assess the babies in the NICU.  They are so sweet and adorable.

Tomorrow I’m giving a lecture on the formula, Enfaport, to the other RDs who may need to recommend this on a weekend or if Laura, the peds RD is not there.  It will be fairly informal and quick.

Update on running: this weekend was one for the running books.  Saturday morning was a 6 miler…the worst 6 miles of my life.  I thought having Roger riding his bike next to me would help…negative. And since he never reads my blog, I can rat him out!  He kept critiquing my form and talking while I was trying to concentrate…fail.  All Saturday I was in a rut because I was determined to get a long run in before the race.  Sunday morning was my last chance.  I definitely was excited when I easily ran 9 miles slightly slower than goal pace for the race.  Speaking that this was my first run of such length since the last 1/2 marathon in December and that I had a 3 week running hiatus 2′ to PT, I was thoroughly pleased with my performance and thankful to be back in the game.

Physical therapy today was a success and according to Taryn, I look ready to race. But do I feel ready? I sure hope so because I have no choice.

I have my outfit picked out and a fresh box of oatmeal squares ready. I think those are the essentials for right now. 


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.