It’s hard to believe that my most anticipated rotation ended as quickly as it came. 2 weeks at Lambeth house just isn’t enough for an intern. Once again, I indulged in the most decadent cuisine imaginable. Picture proof!

Monday: baked tilapia with crawfish cream sauce, buttered carrots and creamed spinach with red velvet cake.



Tuesday and Wednesday lunch were not eaten at Lambeth House…these were very very very sad days. I had to eat my usual yogurt, banana and peanut butter and various snacks.

Thursday: cream of asparagus soup, spaghetti and meatballs and tiramisu. The spaghetti was a slight disappointment because there wasn’t enough sauce. I stuck with the meatballs and saved my appetite for dessert…it was the perfect plan.




Friday: seafood gumbo and wilted spinach, roasted artichoke hearts with poached eggs topped with truffle scented hollandaise sauce. You know…just the typical lunch food! Dessert included strawberry short cake.




Friday was the day we had been waiting for. We hosted our Irish Italian themed cocktail party. We made bacon wrapped scallops, fish and chips, and fried Irish oysters (on a bed of braised cabbage and French bread with blue cheese). For dessert we made Guinness brownies and Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. Talk about delicious!



The party was a great success. So much so that the residents went through 3 handles of scotch and 2 handles of vodka. And don’t even think about mixing their vodka with anything to water it down…that’s a big NO! Just picture 75 residents eating, drinking, and talking extremely loud because they can’t hear…it was great! Next week I’m doing a specialty rotation with Margaret Jones at Care Point Partners, a home infusion company.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.