Well I didn’t get to update on my specialty rotation because of the crazy schedule. I traveled to Baton Rouge twice and was exhausted when I finally got home each day.

I was suppose to be at Ochsner with the NICU dietitian, but a sad turn of events (read: Ochsner can’t hire an RD in a reasonable amount of time) allowed for me to switch my specialty to this week. I quickly called Margaret Jones, who I planned on doing one specialty with, in hopes she would be available on such late notice.

Obviously she said yes because I spent the week with her. Care Point Partners is a home infusion company providing supplies for tube feeders and those on TPN (IV feeds). Our week mainly consisted of putting out fires with patients not tolerating feeds and going to lunch with other RDs. Since Margaret is the only RD, she serves as a sales rep and clinical dietitian. Her job is very demanding…mainly because there is always at least 2 crises happening at once. No matter what.

We spoke with more people not being compliant than I could count. Or wives, husbands, daughters, sons or sitters not knowing what to do because the patient was sick or bloated. We also had to hunt down patients to see if they were in the hospital or sometimes we had to check obits because there was no sign of them in more than a month. Care Point needs to know these things because they make delivers of the supplies.

It was fun but I was ready for the week to be over so I could just vegetate.

This week I’m going to Tulane Peds outpatient. And now I will leave you with a picture of my wonderfully delicious breakfast.