Can’t believe I’m writing about my 25th rotation!! Only 10 more to go! I’m with Tulane pediatrics outpatient. It is most unusual to have a dietitian in the outpatient setting for Peds but since Tulane is a certified cystic fibrosis center, it is required to have one on staff.

Laura, the RD, sees patients with obesity, chewing problems, CF, failure to thrive and all kinds of other issues parents are having feeding, cooking, shopping, etc.

We saw a few patients yesterday and today we are off! The rest of the week seems like a breeze so I’m not sure I will have a ton to update on.

Next week I will go to Ochsner main campus for bariatrics. Very thrilled to be able to scrub in for this rotation!

Breaking news alert: remember last semester I was on a volleyball team? Well this semester I have officially lost my mind. I let Roger sign me up for the Kongsberg kickball team. Every Tuesday until May I will be making the biggest fool out of myself. I already missed the one and only practice so tonight should be interesting to say the least. I guess more on that to come!