I’ve been a terrible blogger the last few weeks, but I’m officially back! This week I have been at the Ochsner bariatrics clinic from 8-5 everyday.

I forgot how exhausting 9 hour work days can be and it just reminds how I’m almost positive I don’t want to be a part of that. There are so many RDs that have more than one job…I think this may be the route for me. A part – time clinical position with a fun, hobby-inspired job on the side. Sounds like the dream to me.

Anyway, I had a blast in the bariatrics clinic (even with the long hours). Our preceptors were not only entertaining and hilarious, but they are respected by the surgeons, nurses and other medical staff. Speaking of surgeons, Dr. Richardson, general surgeon, is amazing at his job.

Now to the best part of the week. We got to scrub in to a surgery!! Specifically a gastric bypass which I was so excited to see! Andrea and I showed up bright and early to Ochsner. We weaved through halls and into what looked like a gym locker room where we got our green scrubs from the awesome scrub vending machine. We suited up…scrubs, hat, face mask, shoe covers and all.

Into the OR we go! Everything is so nonchalant. The patient is already knocked out and face and body are being covered with sterile blue sheets, the doctors are getting dressed and the nurse is turning in the iPod. Yes that’s right…the iPod. And now that I think about it…it totally makes sense. People listen to music all day long during their job. Surgeons do these procedures all the time. It’s mostly second nature to use tiny clasps to swim through fat to find the duodenum and stomach for a roux-en-y.

So as this woman is getting rods forced into her stomach (laparoscopic ports things), the iPod starts blaring music. And not just any music. This song.

It was perfection. Doctors singing and cutting open the patients stomach and intestines. Talking about Easter plans and stapling the duodenum closed. It was insane and everyone was so nice. The best part was I got to meet this woman the day before at her pre-op appointment. She was excited and nervous and her family was ready for her to be happy again.

I saw many patients this week pre-op, post-op and consults out the yahoo. Consults aren’t always the best because people come in thinking weight loss surgery is the solution. It is absolutely not the solution…it’s the tool to help get you to the goal. You must follow an extremely strict diet, especially with the gastric bypass. You must change eating habits and be able to prove to the RDs you can do it because after surgery is too late to figure out whether you can handle the diet change.

It was a great rotation! For the next 3 weeks I’m doing research at Tulane’s Women’s Center with a dietetic conference in Lafayette and a RD exam study course in the 2nd week. It’s starting to get closer to the end! We are under the 3 month mark.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.