Rotation Week 27-29: Tulane’s Prevention Research Center. Complete!

Well my week is almost complete. Just a lunch time observation on Wednesday and I will be finished until next Monday!

What have I been up to? Well last week started off with the Louisiana dietetic association conference in Lafayette. The food left something to be desired but you can’t beat $2.75 Abitas at the downtown bar!


I loved seeing my LSU girls there too. Can’t wait to see them again on Friday for Theresa’s wedding!


I also got a new toy! Roger and I went to the Home and Garden show a few weeks back where we entered to win almost everything. Luck would have it that we won the “Rain Mate.” Roger even said he had a good feeling about winning this at the booth! Our new friend Corey came to drop it off and show us how it works. It’s an air filter/freshener all in one. And it sounds like the ocean. So glad I won this because I would never pay $150 for this contraption.


After all the week’s excitement, I had to settle down for my RD exam study course that was so graciously scheduled for 8-5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A few redeeming qualities: Lambeth house food (pics below), Tulane girls for support, events to look forward to afterwards.

Friday’s food! Breakfast (no pic) was eggs, bacon, grits, and the biggest bowl of fresh fruit I’ve ever seen. Lunch included salad with sun dried tomato vinaigrette, dill crusted salon, rare roast beef, garlic bread and blackberry cobbler for dessert. Warm chocolate chip cookies finished off the day for our afternoon snack.


Saturday’s food! Breakfast was eggs, bacon, grits, fresh fruit and a wonderful sweet cheese crepe with kiwi glaze and lingonberry sauce. Amazing! Lunch was fresh salad with raspberry vinaigrette, shrimp tortellini, garlic bread and huge eclair for dessert. Snicker doodle cookies for an afternoon snack!



Sunday’s food! Breakfast was eggs, bacon, biscuit, fresh fruit and one LARGE cup of coffee after unforeseen morning events. Lunch included fresh salad with sun dried tomato vinaigrette, roasted sweet potatoes, eggs sardou (poached eggs over creamed spinach and artichoke hearts with truffle scented hollandaise sauce), roasted duck (!), and lemon yum yum cake for dessert.



And here is the dreaded 7am, soaking wet picture proof. Rain boots have officially seen better days. The water was so deep, it flooded into the boots. The rain was coming down so hard my legs were dripping and I rang the extra water off my shorts in the elevator. It also hailed on me as I got off the interstate going 30mph. But it did turn into a beautiful day!


This weekend Roger and I are going to TWO weddings and a couples shower. And next week I’m going to Slidell for my diabetes rotation at Ochsner. Upcoming events will definitely be keeping my busy!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.


Rotation Week 27-29: Tulane’s Prevention Research Center

For the next 3 weeks I will be all over the place. The first and third week I’m working with Tulane’s Research Department helping with sampling from the Salad Bar Study. Ellen and I travel to one school each day and count the kids that use the salad bar at lunch. It’s not the most exciting job seeing that we stood there for an hour yesterday and 6 kids came up to get something offered in the bar.




Check out our awesome writing contraptions!

Next week, the internship takes a one week hiatus from rotations and we head to Lafayette for the Louisiana Dietetic Association meeting. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be learning about some new research and fun things from some of my preceptors.

And next Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the Lambeth house (all day) for the RD exam study course. It’s more bittersweet….have to study all weekend, but I get to eat at Lambeth again.

And since I haven’t said anything about a wedding since the proposal, I guess I can update a little. Feb 8, 2014! Things we have: bride and groom, church, reception, photographer, cake lady, band, dress fabric for bridesmaids and me, engagement pictures next Thursday, hair and makeup ladies…and not much more but I can’t think of it right now.

And now I will leave you with the (free) treat I got last night at Happy’s Running Club. Well deserved after a 5k PR! Running down Bourbon Street and into Marigny and back to Happy’s was a refreshingly new route. And with most dressed as super heroes and villains, it was a great time for the crowds walking the streets in the misty, nasty weather.


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.

Rotation Week 26: Bariatrics. Complete!

I’ve been a terrible blogger the last few weeks, but I’m officially back! This week I have been at the Ochsner bariatrics clinic from 8-5 everyday.

I forgot how exhausting 9 hour work days can be and it just reminds how I’m almost positive I don’t want to be a part of that. There are so many RDs that have more than one job…I think this may be the route for me. A part – time clinical position with a fun, hobby-inspired job on the side. Sounds like the dream to me.

Anyway, I had a blast in the bariatrics clinic (even with the long hours). Our preceptors were not only entertaining and hilarious, but they are respected by the surgeons, nurses and other medical staff. Speaking of surgeons, Dr. Richardson, general surgeon, is amazing at his job.

Now to the best part of the week. We got to scrub in to a surgery!! Specifically a gastric bypass which I was so excited to see! Andrea and I showed up bright and early to Ochsner. We weaved through halls and into what looked like a gym locker room where we got our green scrubs from the awesome scrub vending machine. We suited up…scrubs, hat, face mask, shoe covers and all.

Into the OR we go! Everything is so nonchalant. The patient is already knocked out and face and body are being covered with sterile blue sheets, the doctors are getting dressed and the nurse is turning in the iPod. Yes that’s right…the iPod. And now that I think about it…it totally makes sense. People listen to music all day long during their job. Surgeons do these procedures all the time. It’s mostly second nature to use tiny clasps to swim through fat to find the duodenum and stomach for a roux-en-y.

So as this woman is getting rods forced into her stomach (laparoscopic ports things), the iPod starts blaring music. And not just any music. This song.

It was perfection. Doctors singing and cutting open the patients stomach and intestines. Talking about Easter plans and stapling the duodenum closed. It was insane and everyone was so nice. The best part was I got to meet this woman the day before at her pre-op appointment. She was excited and nervous and her family was ready for her to be happy again.

I saw many patients this week pre-op, post-op and consults out the yahoo. Consults aren’t always the best because people come in thinking weight loss surgery is the solution. It is absolutely not the solution…it’s the tool to help get you to the goal. You must follow an extremely strict diet, especially with the gastric bypass. You must change eating habits and be able to prove to the RDs you can do it because after surgery is too late to figure out whether you can handle the diet change.

It was a great rotation! For the next 3 weeks I’m doing research at Tulane’s Women’s Center with a dietetic conference in Lafayette and a RD exam study course in the 2nd week. It’s starting to get closer to the end! We are under the 3 month mark.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.

Rotation Week 25: Tulane Peds Outpatient

Can’t believe I’m writing about my 25th rotation!! Only 10 more to go! I’m with Tulane pediatrics outpatient. It is most unusual to have a dietitian in the outpatient setting for Peds but since Tulane is a certified cystic fibrosis center, it is required to have one on staff.

Laura, the RD, sees patients with obesity, chewing problems, CF, failure to thrive and all kinds of other issues parents are having feeding, cooking, shopping, etc.

We saw a few patients yesterday and today we are off! The rest of the week seems like a breeze so I’m not sure I will have a ton to update on.

Next week I will go to Ochsner main campus for bariatrics. Very thrilled to be able to scrub in for this rotation!

Breaking news alert: remember last semester I was on a volleyball team? Well this semester I have officially lost my mind. I let Roger sign me up for the Kongsberg kickball team. Every Tuesday until May I will be making the biggest fool out of myself. I already missed the one and only practice so tonight should be interesting to say the least. I guess more on that to come!

Rotation Week 24: Care Point Partners. Complete!

Well I didn’t get to update on my specialty rotation because of the crazy schedule. I traveled to Baton Rouge twice and was exhausted when I finally got home each day.

I was suppose to be at Ochsner with the NICU dietitian, but a sad turn of events (read: Ochsner can’t hire an RD in a reasonable amount of time) allowed for me to switch my specialty to this week. I quickly called Margaret Jones, who I planned on doing one specialty with, in hopes she would be available on such late notice.

Obviously she said yes because I spent the week with her. Care Point Partners is a home infusion company providing supplies for tube feeders and those on TPN (IV feeds). Our week mainly consisted of putting out fires with patients not tolerating feeds and going to lunch with other RDs. Since Margaret is the only RD, she serves as a sales rep and clinical dietitian. Her job is very demanding…mainly because there is always at least 2 crises happening at once. No matter what.

We spoke with more people not being compliant than I could count. Or wives, husbands, daughters, sons or sitters not knowing what to do because the patient was sick or bloated. We also had to hunt down patients to see if they were in the hospital or sometimes we had to check obits because there was no sign of them in more than a month. Care Point needs to know these things because they make delivers of the supplies.

It was fun but I was ready for the week to be over so I could just vegetate.

This week I’m going to Tulane Peds outpatient. And now I will leave you with a picture of my wonderfully delicious breakfast.


Rotation Week 23: Lambeth House. Complete!

It’s hard to believe that my most anticipated rotation ended as quickly as it came. 2 weeks at Lambeth house just isn’t enough for an intern. Once again, I indulged in the most decadent cuisine imaginable. Picture proof!

Monday: baked tilapia with crawfish cream sauce, buttered carrots and creamed spinach with red velvet cake.



Tuesday and Wednesday lunch were not eaten at Lambeth House…these were very very very sad days. I had to eat my usual yogurt, banana and peanut butter and various snacks.

Thursday: cream of asparagus soup, spaghetti and meatballs and tiramisu. The spaghetti was a slight disappointment because there wasn’t enough sauce. I stuck with the meatballs and saved my appetite for dessert…it was the perfect plan.




Friday: seafood gumbo and wilted spinach, roasted artichoke hearts with poached eggs topped with truffle scented hollandaise sauce. You know…just the typical lunch food! Dessert included strawberry short cake.




Friday was the day we had been waiting for. We hosted our Irish Italian themed cocktail party. We made bacon wrapped scallops, fish and chips, and fried Irish oysters (on a bed of braised cabbage and French bread with blue cheese). For dessert we made Guinness brownies and Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. Talk about delicious!



The party was a great success. So much so that the residents went through 3 handles of scotch and 2 handles of vodka. And don’t even think about mixing their vodka with anything to water it down…that’s a big NO! Just picture 75 residents eating, drinking, and talking extremely loud because they can’t hear…it was great! Next week I’m doing a specialty rotation with Margaret Jones at Care Point Partners, a home infusion company.

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

I finished! There were times throughout physical therapy I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. I was frustrated that all my training and money had been put to waste. But it turned out to be more successful than I thought. Especially because of the wonderful surprise waiting for me at the end!

Here are some pics! By the way, I knew Roger wasn’t gonna make it easy for me to get a ring!!





So now we are officially in full wedding planning mode. Church, reception, band…check!

Rotation Week 23: Lambeth House

This is the rotation I’ve been looking forward to the most! Free 5-star breakfast and lunch everyday? Don’t mind if I do! Here’s what I’ve been eating this week. By the way, I ate a piece of dessert every single day before realizing I forgot to snap a picture. I’m sensing a theme….

The Menu.

20130301-141231.jpgMonday: Greek salad, red beans and rice, chocolate eclairs.



20130301-141328.jpgTuesday: split pea soup, eggplant Napoleon, grilled Mahi Mahi with fruit salsa, lemon meringue.




20130301-141446.jpgWednesday: chicken and andouille gumbo, roasted leg of lamb….with no picture because I literally inhaled it.

20130301-141510.jpgThursday: Pan seared gulf redfish with remoulade sauce and collard greens, lemon berry marscapone cake.


20130301-141812.jpgFriday: vegetable soup with saffron rice, meatloaf (oops!) with roasted yams and stewed okra, chocolate ice cream.




And I have another whole week at Lambeth! We are planning a cocktail party for the residents next Friday. The theme is Irish/Italian and the menu includes baked Irish oysters, fish and chips, prosciutto wrapped scallops and Guinness brownies with Bailey’s cream cheese swirl. I’m sure ill be updating next week with more of the good eats!

Rotation Week22: Ochsner Peds. Complete!

I have finished my Peds rotation! I had a great time with the babies…and of course I was constantly busy calculating nutrition support…my first love. I was suppose to go back for NICU in 3 weeks but they are still in the hiring process for a new RD to cover the unit, so that rotation got moved to June and I’m having a specialty that week.

Friday, Liz and I started out community project that consists of coming up with and testing new recipes that follow the new guidelines for school food nutrition. We made tomato sauce and sweet potato soufflé.




This morning I am up sure early (it’s currently 4:35AM) because I’m running the Rock N Roll half marathon at 7! I’m very nervous excited…the weather is looking perfect! I’ve got all my gear ready to go!! And of course I’m munching on oatmeal squares 🙂

Sure enough tomorrow I have to report to my rotation at 7:30AM but it is alright because I’m going to the Lambeth House. The veryyyyyy expensive retirement home where we plan a cocktail party at the end of the 2 weeks and eat breakfast and lunch everyday in the white-tablecloth restaurant. Needless to say, I cannot wait!

I will be updating in all these fun things soon!

Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.

Rotation Week 22: Ochsner Pediatrics

I finished my first 2 days at Ochsner peds. It was pretty uneventful seeing that the census is crazy low and the children we did see were not extra exciting.  I did however get to see and assess the babies in the NICU.  They are so sweet and adorable.

Tomorrow I’m giving a lecture on the formula, Enfaport, to the other RDs who may need to recommend this on a weekend or if Laura, the peds RD is not there.  It will be fairly informal and quick.

Update on running: this weekend was one for the running books.  Saturday morning was a 6 miler…the worst 6 miles of my life.  I thought having Roger riding his bike next to me would help…negative. And since he never reads my blog, I can rat him out!  He kept critiquing my form and talking while I was trying to concentrate…fail.  All Saturday I was in a rut because I was determined to get a long run in before the race.  Sunday morning was my last chance.  I definitely was excited when I easily ran 9 miles slightly slower than goal pace for the race.  Speaking that this was my first run of such length since the last 1/2 marathon in December and that I had a 3 week running hiatus 2′ to PT, I was thoroughly pleased with my performance and thankful to be back in the game.

Physical therapy today was a success and according to Taryn, I look ready to race. But do I feel ready? I sure hope so because I have no choice.

I have my outfit picked out and a fresh box of oatmeal squares ready. I think those are the essentials for right now. 


Until next time! Eat Smart and Move More.